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March 15, 2018
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Top quality flashing tapes, anti-corrosion tapes, insulation tapes and more, designed specifically for the New Zealand climate.

Techno Insulation also offers top quality, bituminous anti-corrosion tapes in store.

Bringing to the New Zealand market a range of exceptional quality imported premium flashing tape products.

Premium Flexible Flashing Tapes

FrameFlash™ is a flexible flashing tape designed to withstand the harsh New Zealand climate. Used in framing junctions for windows and doors, FrameFlash™ will prevent water penetration and act as a secondary weather-resistant barrier.

Durable weather resistant flashing tape

We also supply our highly exclusive Watertight flexible flashing tape. Designed to prevent water penetration in window and door openings/junctions, Watertight is your first choice of premium weather resistance barriers.

New Zealand’s trusted distributor of insulation tape

No matter whether you need flexible flashing tapes for industrial, domestic or commercial purposes, Techno Insulation will provide. Get access to the best collection of flashing tapes on the market now.


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