Farmers Daughter

December 25, 2020

Book Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners to take expert care of your home garden or commercial garden.

Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners specialise in garden clearing, maintenance and hard landscaping.

So there are no nasty surprises, you can arrange a quote with Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners.

Garden clearing services

Have you recently moved house? Have you neglected your garden as you are too busy? No matter how your garden has ended up a jungle, our expert gardening team can help reinstate your garden again.

Garden maintenance contracts

Could your home garden benefit from regular maintenance? If so, Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners provide monthly contracts to keep your garden looking shipshape.

Decks, fences and pergolas

If your property is in need of hard landscaping services, please get in touch with Farmer’s Daughter Gardeners. We can arrange tried and tested contractors to do the heavy lifting for you.


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