Kneecare Limited

April 24, 2021

Auckland and the North Shore’s physiotherapy clinic specialising in all hip, ankle and knee issues.

From surgery recovery to arthritis and sports related problems KneeCare’s team of expert physiotherapists perform treatment on hips, knees and ankles.

NZ’s single privately owned Biodex dynamometer is a piece of accurate equipment that helps our team of physiotherapists here at the KneeCare clinic.

Why Choose KneeCare?

KneeCare guarantees exceptional recovery results thanks to the highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist team who specialise specifically in ankle, knee and hip treatment. Our detailed care for lower limbs sets us apart from other clinics.

Issues and Conditions

Whether you suffer from arthritis, have had a recent hip or knee replacement, are post ACL surgery or in need of mobility and pain management our team are more than qualified to help provide treatment options that will leave you feeling much better.

Specialist Equipment

The biodex isokinetic dynamometer is a specialist machine that supports our physiotherapists in obtaining more accurate results in patients so we can develop treatment plans tailored better to their needs. It is the only privately owned one in NZ.


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