Orange Scaffold

April 20, 2021

Auckland-based scaffolding hire to support home renovations and construction projects.

Our intention is to provide quality service, from quality workers with quality equipment, using the world’s best Layher scaffold system.

Having operated for 25 years, Orange Scaffolding are perfect for all painters, builders, roofers, or maintenance companies in need of scaffolding.

The Layher Scaffolding System

The Layher scaffolding system is globally renowned for its cutting edge industry technology. Providing a safe, fast, reliable system for all it’s applications is why Orange Scaffolding only supplies the best scaffolding.

Extra Services

Over the years, over professional services have expanded from scaffolding hire. Our supplementary services include site fencing, roof edge protection, plastic wrap and mobile towers.

Make an Enquiry

Have any questions about mobile scaffold hire in Auckland? Our expert team are happy to discuss any scaffolding enquiries you have and discuss how our scaffold systems can be suited to your project.


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