December 23, 2020

Gabriel, the owner of Plantmoretrees, is heavily invested in making sure each tree planted survives.

Let our expert landscaping team assist with planting your wetland, planting out your commercial site or revegetating wasteland.

Let’s talk through your landscaping requirements in person when you book a consultation with us.

Revegetate your land

Do you have a bare patch of land you would like to regenerate? Do you have an empty paddock filled with gorse? No matter what your terrain, our expert landscapers can restore your land to native bush or lush forest.

Wetland plants lessen erosion

No matter where in Auckland you are based, many developers need to plant a wetland before obtaining consent to build a subdivision. Contact our expert team today.

Let us plant a rain garden for you

Our knowledgeable landscaping team can implement large-scale commercial landscaping projects. Let us carry out mass planting at your commercial property today.


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